Alita Air Pump AL-150


Alita AL-150 Linear Air Pump is ideal for large ponds up to 12,000 gallons.

Alita Air Pumps are designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low-pressure ranges. These durable linear air pumps offer high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with low operation noise. With no sliding parts and oil-less components, Alita aerators require no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination.


  • Steady airflow
  • Oil free, no contamination or pollution
  • Reliable intermittent or continuous duty operation
  • Long service life
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact design and solid construction
  • Indoor or outdoor operation
  • Thermal protection
  • Simple maintenance


  • Aeration
  • Air purification
  • Air sampling
  • Bubble bath
  • Gas analyzer
  • Liquid agitation
  • Medical and scientific equipments
  • Pneumatic beds; air mattresses
  • Wastewater treatment; aerobic treatments
  • Various industries


ModelRated PressureRated PerformanceRated Input PowerNoise LevelFitting Size
AL-6A10 kPa / 1.4 psi11 lpm, 0.4 cfm13W27 dB1/8" FPT
AL-15A10 kPa / 1.4 psi20 lpm, 0.7 cfm26W29 dB1/8" FPT
AL-400.15 bar, 2.18 psi48 lpm, 1.7cfm46W36 dB5/8" FPT
AL-600.15 bar, 2.18 psi68 lpm, 2.4 cfm60W38 dB5/8" FPT
AL-800.15 bar, 2.18 psi85 lpm, 3.0 cfm85W39 dB5/8" FPT
AL-1000.18 bar, 2.6 psi113 lpm, 4.0 cfm120W41 dB11/16" FPT
AL-1200.2 bar, 2.9 psi130 lpm, 4.6 cfm124W42 dB11/16" FPT
AL-1500.2 bar, 2.9 psi160 lpm, 5.6 cfm160W44 dB11/16" FPT
AL-2000.2 bar, 2.9 psi200 lpm, 7.0 cfm261W45 dB11/16" FPT
AL-25020 kPa, 2.9 psi275 lpm, 9.7 cfm285W46 dB3/4" FPT
AL-30020 kPa, 2.9 psi350 lpm, 12.4 cfm336W47 dB3/4" FPT
AL-40020 kPa, 2.9 psi435 lpm, 15.4 cfm504W49 dB3/4" FPT


Item # Description Price Points  
AL-150 Alita AL-150 Linear Air Pump Was $750.00$530.00 500 Ships 4 Free
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