Atlantic Big Bahama BF4800 Filterfalls


Atlantic Big Bahama Filterfalls feature extra-wide spillways for dramatic waterfall and superior aeration. Features:

  • Extra-wide spillways for a dramatic waterfall and superior aeration.
  • Three distinct filtering actions and extra large containers for added bacteria provide unmatched water cleaning.
  • Open swirl chambers for enhanced water flow through filter, media and pad.
  • Designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and plants.
  • Rugged high-molecular weight polyethylene shell warranted for life.
  • Each unit includes FIPT bulkhead fitting, media bags, filter pad, removable grate, and liner attachment flange.
  • Filter media sold separately.


ModelSpillway (Approx.)Max Flow (GPH)Bulkhead FittingDimensions (W x D x H)Recommended Skimmer
BF190019"40002"28" x 25" x 21.5"PS4600
BF260026"60002"31" x 28" x 18"PS7000
BF380038"80002"46.5" x 30" x 23"PS9500
BF480048"120002"55" x 37" x 18"PS15000




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