Pond Pumps - External

Pond Pumps – External

Joe’s Koi offers a wide selection of quality external pumps for use in outdoor fish ponds and water gardens. External pumps are designed for out-of-pond installations and cannot be submerged. In general, these pump types offer superior flow rates and energy efficiency compared to submersible pumps. The warranty period for many external pumps also dwarfs those offered with most submersibles. As an added bonus, it also easier to service external pumps whereas most submersible pumps cannot be serviced and must be replaced entirely when issues occur. We stock all the top brands and stand behind every pump we sell. If you would like assistance choosing the best pond pump for your specific needs, please contact us. Our experienced team can answer any technical questions you may have and would love to hear from you. You may also contact us using the convenient live chat feature on our website. We look forward to serving you.

We offer the complete line of quality external pond pumps from today’s leading manufacturers, including PerformancePro Pumps, Elite Pumps, WLim Corporation, Evolution Pumps, EasyPro, GCTek, Dolphin Pumps, ReeFlo Pumps, Pentair, and many others.

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