Dynamo 2-Speed Pumps


Dynamo 2-Speed Pumps are the workhorses in the industry! These quality units are designed to run energy efficiently on low and have high as a reserve in case you need more flow on certain occasions. These ideal pumps for colder climates when many pond owners prefer to bypass their waterfalls and require less waterflow during winter. This ability to easily change water flow from high to low can also help achieve significant energy savings! Changing from low to high speed is as simple as flipping a switch! Dynamo 2-Speed Pumps also include priming pot / algae trap assemblies and cords as standard equipment. These components are sold separately on comparable pumps on the market.



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Item # Description Price Points  
DYNAMO-3/4 Dynamo 3/4HP 2-Speed Pump Was $439.95$399.95 1200 Ships 4 Free
DYNAMO-1 Dynamo 1HP 2-Speed Pump Was $478.45$434.95 1300 Ships 4 Free
DYNAMO-15 Dynamo 1.5HP 2-Speed Pump Was $510.92$464.95 1300 Ships 4 Free
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