JoesKoi Professional Koi Pond Filtration Kits


JoesKoi Professional Filtration Packages are designed to provide complete biological and mechanical filtration for highly stocked Koi ponds up to 26,000 gallons.

The very first professional Koi pond filtration kits endorsed by Joe's Koi, these Professional Pond Filtration Packages include the very best Koi pond equipment available on the market today. Each of these packages includes an energy efficient PerformancePro Artesian2 Series Pond Pump with cord, Elite Genesis Professional Bead Filtration System, and professional grade stainless steel UV clarifier. These are the exact same pond filtration packages JoesKoi commonly recommends and provides to well-known Koi farms, commercial fish hatcheries, and professional pond builders worldwide.

PerformancePro Artesian2 Pumps are widely regarded among professional pond builders nationwide as the very best external pond pumps on the market today. And when it comes to Koi pond filtration, Elite Genesis Filters are truly in a class of their own. And while plastic UV clarifiers can crack or literally disentegrate over time, stainless steel UV sterilizers are build to last. JoesKoi Pro Pond Filtration Packages eliminate all the guesswork from choosing the best equipment for your backyard fish ponds, water garden, or commercial water feature.


  • Energy efficient PerformancePro Artesian2 Pump with low RPM motor with molded plug
  • Professional grade Elite Genesis Pressurized Pond Bead Filter
  • Professional grade stainless steel UV clarifier


JPP6000JoesKoi 6000 Pro Pond PackageA2-1/4-47-CGenesis 6Stainless Steel 40 Watt
JPP11000JoesKoi 11000 Pro Pond PackageA2-1/4/-58-CGenesis 11Stainless Steel 55 Watt
JPP18000JoesKoi 18000 Pro Pond PackageA2-1/3-63-CGenesis 18Stainless Steel 75 Watt
JPP26000JoesKoi 26000 Pro Pond PackageA2-1/2-76-CGenesis 26Stainless Steel 75 Watt
Item # Description Price Points  
JPP6000 JoesKoi 6000 Professional Pond Filtration Package Was $3,272.45$2,799.95 2800 Ships 4 Free
JPP11000 JoesKoi 11000 Professional Pond Filtration Package Was $3,591.45$3,079.95 3000 Ships 4 Free
JPP18000 JoesKoi 18000 Professional Pond Filtration Package Was $4,129.45$3,529.95 3500 Ships 4 Free
JPP26000 JoesKoi 26000 Professional Pond Filtration Package Was $5,024.50$4,339.95 4300 Ships 4 Free
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