Marliacea Albida White Blossom (Medium)


Marciacea Albida White Blossom (Medium)

Marciacea Albida White Blossom is a beautiful addition to any pond or water garden. Very free flowering. Pretty white flowers. Leaves are dark green. Flower shape is cup-like. MARLIACEA ALBIDA White blossom with deep yellow stamens in the center are a great contrast inside the pure white blooms. Medium to large leaf spread 4-5' when planted in a 2 gallon container or larger using clay / heavy loam soil. This hardy lily is a perennial plant and will survive the winter, and will winter over in zones 4-11. In good conditions will reach full potential of leaf spread leaves 8-11". Fertilize 1 - 2 times per month during summer. Very easy grower Minimum 4-5 hrs direct sunlight in water garden. Guaranteed fresh shipped direct from the grower!



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