Wave Power Plus UV Sterilizers


We are extremely proud to bring you Wave UVS Power UV Sterilizers.

These top-quality products by the W. Lim Corporation feature 2" inputs and outputs and can handle pond volumes well over 20,000 gallons!


  • Cover for rain drip approval
  • High intensity
  • Long electrical cord
  • Inlet from bottom outlet to top
  • Less restriction, better flow rate than other UVs
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Easy to access
  • Only 4 screws on top cover
  • Strong output UV lamp
  • 70,000 - 80,000 Microwatts for maximum killing power
  • Stainless housing; UV resistant


Item # Description Price Points  
3410-A Wave Power Plus UVS-20 UV Sterilizer Was $2,198.85$1,998.95 2000 Ships 4 Free
3410-B Wave Power Plus UVS-40 UV Sterilizer Was $2,319.90$2,109.00 2100 Ships 4 Free
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